Colorado Bend State Park

This past week I have been backpacking, caving, camping, swimming, and learning at Colorado Bend State Park with 11 of the coolest, most outdoor-loving people. It was an experience I am truly grateful for. Being with folks who love doing what you love doing is unbelievably refreshing. We are now Texas Parks Ambassadors and are ready to take on our individual parks!

Strange Trails

It's only been 10 days and I'm onto the next show. (I guess summer is the perfect time!) Tonight we danced with Leon Bridges (from Fort Worth) and Lord Huron (not from Fort Worth.) The shows were amazing, I had a stellar time, and I look forward to seeing them both again at Austin City Limits.

Leon Bridges

Lord Huron (from Los Angeles, to clarify)

Back to Music

It seems like it's been forever since I've been to a show, but SXSW was just over a month ago. Nonetheless, Priory and Kaiser Chiefs put on one heck of a fun show tonight. Let's just say I danced my worries away before finals week! Thanks for it! \m/

Kaiser Chiefs at Stubb's

Kaiser Chiefs at Stubb's

Pace Bend

My spirit and body feel so fresh and new after our camping trip this weekend. Our outdoor adventure group went to Pace Bend for a couple of days and it was wonderful. We made s'mores, jumped off of cliffs, swayed in hammocks, and laughed a lot. These are some of the greatest people!

Pace Bend

Simon lumber-jacking

CJ and Clara in a tree

Simon and Mitch

CJ cliff-jumping

Sam, Max, Aaron, and Spencer playing Spikeball

The best group

I recently bought an old Mamiya C33 and it came in the mail the other day. I went and picked up some film and a light meter today so I can jump in and test this baby out. I'm very excited and feel a fresh inspiration brewing! Here's to new things!

Mamiya C33

4 Weeks Later...

It feels like it's been forever since I last saw her! (Probably because it has.) Chloe Rose will be a month old this week. She has beautiful dark blue eyes and a full head of hair. She knows how to grunt and give you the stink-eye. She's fitting in just fine.

Chloe Rose

We welcomed this little chunkster into the world earlier today. She is 8.8lbs and 19.5 inches long. That’s her big brother’s hand on her head. I was all heart-eyes-emoji. (Also note the finger she’s throwing everyone, she’s gonna be a real sassy lady!)