Trans-pecos pipeline

The work I am presenting is an important and ongoing discussion of our land and how it is pummeled every day or sold to the highest bidder. The power lies in the hands of corporate kings who sit upon their thrones and move their chess pieces across backyards and national parks.

The insurmountable greed of some in the top-tier of our nation and the insolence and ignorance that has infiltrated our government is where I place my blame. I have a passion to protect and defend the ground beneath our calloused feet and I advocate for guardianship of this incredible place we call home.

"It is horrifying that we have to fight our own government to save the environment."
Ansel Adams

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American Teal Snake

The Trans-Pecos Pipeline (TPP) is 42 inches wide and 148 miles long. It will carry natural gas to Mexico by crossing pristine west Texas. Dallas-based billionaire and CEO of Energy Transfer Partners, Kelcy Warren, will head the project. Warren and ETP are also responsible for the pipeline that has been hugely protested in North Dakota (DAPL).

The west Texas night sky is acclaimed for being the darkest in the country. It is a place where you can view the celestial sky with the naked eye; however, due to brightly lit oil and gas drill rigs, there is now a yellow glow on the horizon that obscures a once incredible viewing experience.

There is legitimate cause for concern as many Texas landowners have discovered that it is not if a pipeline will leak or explode, it's when.

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This is Not a Pipe

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